Sunday, April 18, 2010


Something we all should be excited about! Its time to clear up our stock to make space for plenty plenty of new stuff! Crazy price reductions only for you guys, have fun feasting!

Click on the links to view original post, revised prices in green:

Glam - RM61 49
Rock - RM55 45
Soul - RM56 45
Last Summer - RM51 39
Moments - RM56 45
Not Very Zen - RM41 29
Are You Blinded Yet? - RM26 19 *Last Piece in Black
Floral Skurts! - RM41 30 *Last Piece in Pinks and Purples
Lets Get Horizontal! - RM50 39 SOLD OUT
Volume Volume! - RM65 45
Drape Them Over! - RM30 20 SOLD OUT
Blinded in Chains - RM55 45 *Last Piece in Grey
Slither - RM30 20
Closer - RM50 39 *Last Piece in Tan
Tribute - RM45 35

Send in your orders to before its all sold out!

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