Friday, May 7, 2010

We Love Stockings!

Purrfect for Party Nights out with the girls! This pair of stockings makes a sure fire way to draw attention to your legs with the vertical stripes adding the illusion of extra length to your pins! 

Vertical Striped Glitter Stockings
GRSl #004
Recommended for UK size 4 - small 10 only as the material is thicker and the cutting runs a little smaller than most other stockings.



Attention Grabbers!! Make a fashion statement among your peers by rocking this pair of stockings with ease, we absolutely <3 these!

Horizontal Cut-out Stockings
GRSl #004
Very Stretchable, Best fits UK size 6 to small 12.


STEAL! at only
RM 17 for COD per pair
RM 20 for Postage, per pair
(We'll have to remove the stockings from its packaging in order to fit it in the cheaper post express envelope, optional)


Worn with Cropped Top! in Red

True colour and details

We Love Studs!! What more when they're in the shape of SKULLS!
The perfect combination for a rocker/biker chic look without going OTT. We <3!

GRSb #001
11 inches by 5 inches
PVC material

Exclusive, one of each colour only!

RM 70 for COD
RM 80 for Postage

Available in:
Deep Red

Striped Sailor Blazer

As you guys should know, we're a big fan of versatile pieces that can add some zing to any outfit, and this is another one of them! Wear it with jeans, with a pencil skirt with high waisted hot shorts like we did in the picture, this blazer can be worn whenever, wherever!

GRSt #011
Fits UK 6 to small 10
Not Recommended for petites below Size UK 6 as the cutting runs a little bigger than usual.
Quality cotton with Gold button details
RM 47 for COD
RM 52 for Postage

Available in:
White (SOLD OUT)
Navy Blue

Heavily Studded Bolero

Can you say fierce? This heavily studded bolero pretty much speaks for itself, wear it to jazz up any simple outfit! 

GRSt #009
Fits UK 4 - small 10
Good workmanship with satin lining.

RM 65 for COD
RM 70 for Postage

Exclusive, Very Limited Stock

Saturday, May 1, 2010



EXCLUSIVE! Evening cocktail dress we managed to find, what more nude tones are the trend to look out for this season. Padded cups so no bra is required with this dress. Impeccable workmanship, high quality fabric, awesome svelte cutting and simple details, what more could one want in a dress?

One Piece Only
Fits UK 6 and 8 Only.

RM 95 for COD
RM 105 for Postage

Postage is pricier for this piece as we will be using the bigger pos ekspress envelope to preserve the shape and structure of the padded cups.



Click for enlarged image

Black basic mini with eyelet detailing at the hem. Perfect for nights out and perfect for casual days to the mall, this skirt and its peek-a-boo detailing is a sure-fire way to draw attention to your legs while creating a sexy silhouette.

GRSs #005
Sizes S, M and L
Stretchable liquid material

RM 45 for COD
RM 50 for Postage

Available in Black ONLY.

Cropped Top!

CROP TOPS!!!! We all know that crop tops have been all the rage lately, but we decided to break away a little from the loose, flowy fabrics and brought in a round of fitting crop tops instead, with the perfect length that works without exposing the belly button. Remember Britney Spears circa 2000? Nobody said we can't rock it now!

GRSt #010
Fits UK 4 - small 10
Stretchable cotton

Steal this at ONLY:
RM 15 for COD
RM20 for Postage

Available in: