Thursday, July 30, 2009


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Monday, July 27, 2009

Panelled Skurt!


We're sure you've seen these around before, the Herve Leger/Topshop/Bebe inspisred satin panel skirts. We've seen it go out of stock everywhere, and decided to grab a couple before the supplier ran out! Here they are for you girls:

GRSs #003
Fits UK size 4 - 8
Has side zipper and is slighty stretchable

RM46 for COD
RM50 for Postage

Available in:
Black (SOLD)


The accesories worn in the above pictures are also for sale, Made to Order!

The Serena
(because this design was inspired by a necklace that Serena wore in Gossip girl)

Made with Turquoise stones and Onyx

Comes with matching earrings

RM 56 for COD
RM60 for Postage
RM50 with purchase of another item.

Made to Order.


Layered Gold Necklace as worn in picture above,

RM 45

Made to Order.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Prep Suits!


*Might be restockable, stay tuned for updates*

Look what else we have! Our FAVORITE item so far,

The one-piece Prep Suit. We have nothing else to say except WE LOVE IT!

Fits UK Size 4 to small 10
Made of thick, good quality cotton except for Grey Stripes and Black Stripes, those are made out of thinner knit sweater material. Stretchable.
Long Sleeved.
GRSd #008

RM 46 for COD,
RM50 for Postage.

Available in:
Grey Stripes (SOLD)
Diamond Checks (SOLD)
Black Stripes(SOLD)
Solid Black (SOLD)
Cobalt Blue (SOLD)
Green (SOLD)

Grab em QUICK!

Friday, July 17, 2009

Hippie Tweet Motifs


Might be restockable sometime next month so do email us!

We call this Hippe Tweet Motifs, because we find the motifs of little birdies on the dress absolutely adorable! Perfect for a date, or even a sunny day out as this dress is extremely comfortable, as well as loose fitting and BREEZY! But that doesn't mean that our feminine shapes aren't accentuated along the way. Pair it with gladiators and a vintage bag for a hippie vibe to your style.

GSRd #007
Fits UK Size 6 - 12
Waistband is elastic and stretchable

RM51 for COD
RM55 for Postage

Available in:
Black (SOLD)
Navy Blue

Floral Skurts!

Everybody just can't get enough of floral skirts! Which is why we've brought in these gorgeous floral flairs for you!

GRSs #002
Fits UK Size 6 - 12
Has Stretchable elastic waistband

RM41 for COD
RM45 for Postage

Available in: (Colours according to cominant floral colour)

Blues&Greens (SOLD)
AllMixedUp (SOLD)
Red (SOLD)


Look what else we have in store for you! As worn with the Floral Skurt in Red,

Made out of Onyx and crystals in Brilliant Red and Clear White. Suitable for both formal and casual occasions, this necklace is a versatile accessory that can brighten up any plain outfit.

Made to order only, depending on availability of materials.

RM56 for COD
RM 60 for Postage
RM50 with purchase of another item

Monday, July 6, 2009

Hiatus OVER!

Update soon with plenty of the sexy, the preppy, the sweet and our bestselling signature: SEQUINS!

Stay Tuned!