Wednesday, October 28, 2009

I Got Rythm


We absolutely love how sexy this piece is, with stitching details and an elastic waistband that isn't crinkled like the usual pvc leggings! Real smooth too.

GRSL #002
Fits UK 4 - 8
With stirrups, thick pvc

RM 35 for COD
RM 38 Postage


Doesn't this piece remind you of the late King of Pop?

GRSt #003
Fits UK size 6 - 10

RM 45 for COD
RM50 for Postage

Available in:
Grey (SOLD)


High waisted, Studded, Sexy, what more could we ask for?

GRSs #004
Fits Uk Size 6 - 10
Thick Cotton, elastic waistband

RM 50 for COD
Rm55 for Postage

Available in:
Black (SOLD)


We Dare You, to work these prints.

GRSL #001
Fits UK 6 - small 10
Snug and comfortable

RM 30 for COD
RM33 for Postage

Available in one colour only.

Blinded in Chains

We've been seeing plenty of fringed pieces mushrooming up everywhere, but we haven't yet seen a piece that uses real chains as its fringe! The chains do add dimension to the bust area, as well as score this dress plenty extra points for edginess.

GRSd # 010
Fits UK Size 6 - small 10
Soft Cotton, chains do not rust.

RM55 for COD
RM60 for Postage

Available in:
Black (SOLD)

Monday, October 26, 2009

We Have Been Featured!

Thanks to:
Fashionista 1001
Fashion Clicks
Desire for Fashion

Sunday, October 25, 2009

Think TANKS!


Basics! Worn as inner top with Drape Them Over =)

GRSt #005
Fits UK Size 6 - 8
Ribbed cotton material, tank top with extra length which means it can be worn with just leggings.

RM20 for COD
RM23 for Postage

Available in:
Black (SOLD OUT)
White (SOLD OUT)

Drape Them Over


GRSt # 004
Free Size!!
Good quality cotton, soft and comfortable.

RM30 for COD
RM35 for Postage

Available in:
White SOLD
Cobalt Blue
Black SOLD

them Squarez


We love our shirts checkered! Comes with two breast pockets which doubles up as extra detailing and enhances the bust line too!

GRSt# 006
Fits UK Size 6 - 8 only!
Good quality, comfortable cotton.

RM 40 for COD
RM 45 for Postage

Available in:
Purple n Pink (SOLD)
Purple, Red n Yellow (SOLD)
Red n Navy (SOLD)

Volume Volume!

The perfect example of a dressy dress includes having frills, bright coloured floral motifs and tulle for volume yet without being overkill. Best thing is, we have it right here!

GRSd #011
Fits UK Size 6 - small 10
Smocked back to ensure a snug fit, frills are adjustable as they have wires in them, two layers of tulle underneath the skirt to provide plenty of volume.

RM65 for COD
RM70 for Postage

Available in:

Lets Get Horizontal!


Looking for something versatile that can be worn casually or something simple that can be dressesd up to the nines? Get Horizontal.

GRSd #009
Fits UK Size 6 - 10
Empire waist with smocking to ensure a snug fit.
Good quality cotton, comfortable and breezy!

RM50 for COD
RM55 for Postage

Available in:
Black (SOLD)
Navy Blue (SOLD)

Whats up at 11pm?

Beloved GlamRockers!

Update at 11pm TONIGHT,

Stay Tuned for plenty of awesome clothes!

Thanks and With Love,
Glam, Rock and Soul

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Hiatus Over and We're Back with a Bang!


We're sorry for the long hiatus as we were busy with semester finals as well as work, but now that we've finally got back that itch for clothes, clothes and more clothes, we've brought in a whole new batch of stuff for you guys! Stay tuned for updates and for the crazy awesome pieces that we have in store for you!

Next up, Announcement!!!!
Prepsuits can now be restocked in Black, White, Green and Cobalt Blue! Email us to place orders for restocks and we'll be needing a deposit of RM20 for each piece ordered. Thanks and hurry before our supplier runs out!

And Another Announcement!!!!

Glam, Rock and Soul will be setting up a stall at this week's Bizarre Bazaar, with PLENTY of brand new pieces as well as a pre-loved item corner!

Remember to swing by this Saturday, the 17th of October to check out our new goodies before they're all sold out! Do stay tune for the sneak peak thats coming up soon too =P