Thursday, May 28, 2009

Our FIRST Reviews!

Firstly, we would like to thank A Shopaholics Den for featuring our crazy glamourpuss skurt!


We'd also like to thank the Diary of An E-Shopaholic for featuring our Not So Zen sequinned baby tee and our AreYouBlindedYet sequinned vest!


Another one! Thanks to Fashion Clicks for reviewing our Moments dress!

Thank you for supporting us!

With plenty of love,
Glam, Rock and Soul.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We're going sequins crazee! A fully sequined vest ready to jazz up any simple outfit that feels just too muted for a great night out. We DARE you to!

GRSt #001
Free size, Adjustable ribboned back.

RM26 for COD,
RM30 for Postage

Available in
Got Purp? (SOLD)
Silver (SOLD)
Electric Blue (SOLD)

Not Very Zen

We love the clashes between the concept of basic garmets and how sequins are made to make everything so DAMN DRAMATIC! Wear it with jeans, wear it with lame tights, wear it with a high waisted pencil skirt, wear it with a pinafore, wear it however you want! This versatile piece is not to be missed!

GRSt #001
Fits UK6 - 8

RM41 for COD
RM45 for Postage

Available in Grey, Black and White

GlamourPuss lost her SKURT

At first we thought that this fully sequined piece would be risky business to pull off, but it was so BLING that we were pulled right into it and we just HAD to bring it in! Wear it with anything muted and simple, make it the focus point of your outfit and we can guarantee that you'll be the center of attraction, be it at a party or even at a club! You'll be hard to miss, just remember not to commit an OTT fashion faux-pas!

GRSs #001
Fits UK 6 - 8

RM46 for COD
RM50 for Postage

Only in Light Gold




At first we wanted to stick to the theme for our first batch, which were monotones and loud sequins but when we spotted this we couldn't resist bringing it in! Florals printed on quality comfortable cotton, its the perfect dress for a sunny day and did you notice that little teaser keyhole at the neckline? Its sweet and fun and even a little bit of sexy all rolled into one!

GRSd #006
Fits UK 6 - small 10
Slightly stretchable

RM51 for COD
RM55 for Postage

Available in


Frills! Frills that run right down the bust and enhances the bustline like magic. We were absolutely thrilled to find that this demure dress came in 4 lovely colours and we have brought ALL of them in to share it with everyone! We love how its carries its simplicity as well as how it reminds us of those moments when our mothers would dress us up in frills and lace as little girls. But that, was TOO much frills. This, is just perfect.

GRSd #005
Fits UK6 - 10

RM56 for COD
RM60 for Postage

Available in
Navy Blue

(true colour for Aquamarine is slightly darker.)

Last Summer

SO CUTE RIGHT? WE LOVE THIS DRESS!! We love the puffy skirt, we love the sweetheart bustier, we love the stripes, we love the belt, we love it that you can take off the straps if you want, we love how comfortable it is, we love how timeless it looks, WE LOVE IT!
And we knew that you'd love it too!

GRSd #004
Fits UK 6 - 10

RM51 for COD
RM55 for Postage

Available in Black, Navy Blue and Apricot


Simple and comfortable, perfect for a day to college, shopping, even for a fun day out with the girls! Its the perfect dress for a lazy day, just pull it out of your closet and slip it on. With subtle pink and light orange details around the empire waist and neckline smockings, this dress is simple perfection with a little bit of colour to boot.

GRSd #003
Fits UK 6 - 10

RM 56 for COD
RM60 for Postage

Available in White, Black and Pink
(True colour of the Pink is slighty more vibrant)


We've been starstruck! We were just browsing through the suppliers when we stumbled across this star-scattered satin bubble-hemmed dress with a zipper right up the middle! Wear it anywhere, to a party, to a club, even to a concert, even just to play dress up while you pretend that you're a rockstar! Yes, we do that here at Glam, Rock and Soul. And all you need to do for that belt is to add another RM5, what a steal!

GSRd #002
Fits UK 6-12
Smocked back.

With Belt:
RM55 for COD
RM60 for Postage

Without Belt:
RM51 for COD
RM 55 for Postage

Available only in White


Beaded halter neckline with a tiered bodice that tactfully hides the little unsightly bumps here and there as well as subtly enhancing the bustline, this little dress is Glamour in one of its simplest forms.

GRSd #001
Fits: UK 6 - 10

RM61 for COD
RM66 including Postage.

Available in grey